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Hearing with the Heart (Live)
Friends Talk To Each Other
The God Chasers
Hearing God's Voice
Living Free from Offense
Time to Dream Again
Learning to Live by Faith
Because He Lives
When God Is On Your Side
The Reward of the Meek
The New Covenant
Less Whining, More Shining
Spirit Life
When God Comes to Church
What is He like?
Turning Attacks Into Blessings
When God Builds Your House - Part 2
When God Builds Your House - Part 1
Created for Family
Doing Family Different
Grasshopper Thinking
Christmas Applied
The Peacemaker
God Sees Your Faith
God's Time Table
The Greatest Prayer Ever Prayed
Guaranteed Lifetime Income
Run the Race with Boldness (with Mark Walker)
A wise man and his money
You are going to make it!
Battlefield of the Mind
Change Your Mind Change Your Life
Always Knowing What To Do
The Atmosphere of Heaven
The Currency of the Kingdom
Dream Maker
Celebration Day!
When God Gets to Write Your Story
A Blueprint for Grace Chapel
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